Fujitsu PRIMERGY IA Server

The Ideal server for SME

Fujitsu PRIMERGY IA Server Line-up

The appeal point of Fujitsu PRIMERGY is high basic performance and robustness. PRIMERGY assembled in Japan through strict standards from the selection of one part and makes it possible to achieve quietness and ruggedness due to its excellent design.

In addition, because it is possible to install a third-party HDD and memory, it also has excellent expandability, such as customization at low-cost.

The industry-standard x86 servers provide your company with the most powerful and flexible data center solutions on the market for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY is the best selling IA server in Japan.


All servers are unused and brand new products. If you wish to purchase, please proceed to the inquiry.

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