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IT bridge between Japan and the United States

KSG AMERICA, INC. was established in 2017 in Sacramento, California as a US subsidiary of KSG company, Ltd., a Japanese IT trading company.

KSG AMERICA, INC. makes use of the volume of the parent company to develop high-quality server and storage products made in Japan in the US and to introduce the latest US products to Japan.

The location has been moved to Sunnyvale, California since 2019.

KSG company, Ltd.

KSG company, Ltd. Japan

KSG company, Ltd. is a specialized server, storage, and network trading company in Japan, with a history of 34 years. Annual x86 server sales exceed 4,500 units.

KSG company, Ltd. handles Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, DELL and other multi-vendors, especially Fujitsu is the partner and boasts the highest server sales numbers in Japan.

Kiyoaki Kobayashi

Director KK


We want to make Japanese high-quality server and storage products active in the American business scene. That's why we introduce them to the US at the lowest possible price.

The servers we sell are all assembled in Japan, with high basic performance and a surprisingly low failure rate.

Currently, we are handling only entry servers, but we plan to increase the frontage to the middle-range server in the future.

In addition to selling in the US, we will actively introduce new US products to Japan. KSG is active as a partner of many vendors in Japan and overseas. We always look forward to new product information.

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